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nuove proposte del birman breed council allo studio dal 23.5.23 per la GA del 2024.


Standard today




Medium in size

The birman is a medium size, pointed, semi longhaired cat with four white paws.

The body is well balanced with heavy boning and overall a harmonious appearance



Strong boned

Strong, broad and slightly rounded with a good heigth


Slightly rounded

Slightly rounded, with a slight flat spot, not domed situated in the middle of the forehead just in front of the ears. Top head rounded


Full, somewhat rounded

Full, somewhat rounded


Of medium length without stop, but with a slight indemtation

Of medium length without stop, but with a slight indentation. Roman nose is allowed in profile with or without a bump. The nosebridge should not be broad



Firm chin and forming a vertical line with the nose



Rather small with rounded tips

Rather small with rounded tips

Just as wide at the base as they are high

In balance and good width between the ears.

Not upright



Proposte delle Danimarca sullo standard del Birmano.

A queste proposte, che appaiono generiche e largamente insufficienti al miglioramento dello standard abbiamo votato no il 7 maggio 2023.

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